Maddox Middle School Student Newspaper

Back to School Assembly Informs Students!

The entire student body of Maddox Middle School met in the school auditorium on Wednesday, August 24, 2011 to hear a word from the school administrators.  This is the first time 6th, 7th, and  8th grade has gathered together since school began.  The principal, Mrs. Stricklin, and the assistant principal, Mr. Sargent, went over rules and guidelines for the 2011-2012 school year. 

Mrs. Stricklin was the first to speak to the student body.  She welcomed all students back to Maddox and said she was excited to get the school year underway. 

She went over the rules and regulations from the school handbook and discussed the behavior that is expected from the students.  She then introduced the lunch ladies to the students.  Our child nutrition workers for this year are Cindy Nethery, Diane Thompson, Aletha Gardner, Donna Fike, Jackie Clark, and Cindy Clark.  She then introduced Cindy Brown, Carlos Brown, and Jeri Gossett, the school custodians. She also introduced the counselors, Mrs. Timmons and Mrs. Whitley and told the students that the counselors are always here to assist with any student needs. After the introductions, Mrs. Stricklin discussed the appropriate times and places students may be picked up by their parents. She also discussed the rules to getting on and off the buses in the mornings and afternoons to the students who ride our school buses. Mrs. Stricklin closed by saying she is looking forward to a wonderful school year at Maddox Middle School.

Mr. Sargeant was next to speak. He talked more about conduct and behavior on school property.   He told the students that they were all beginning the year with a clean discipline record.  He encouraged the students to be on their best behavior so that they can maintain a record free of discipline infractions. 

The meeting was a good time to see the entire student body and to get motivated for a great school year!

By: Callie Cross and Abbey Housley


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