Maddox Middle School Student Newspaper

New Faces Greet Students at Maddox

By:  Alex Kimbrell and Callie Cross

We are very excited to have five new teachers here at Maddox Middle School! They are Bart Lockhart, Lindsey Lotspeich, Alan Henderson, Gina Scruggs and Stacie Oswald.

 Our first new teacher at MMS is Bart Lockhart. Before coaching boys’ athletic P.E. here at Maddox, he coached at Farmstead. He majored in business, but decided he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life in an office. Since he loved to coach, he became one! Coach Lockhart has always been interested in sports. He played football, baseball, basketball, and golf in high school, and football in college. In fact, Lockhart played football at Delta State University and then went on to graduate at West Alabama.  Mr. Lockhart has always lived in Jasper. He is not married and has no pets. When in middle school, his favorite subject was history. So far he is enjoying Maddox! His favorite sport is football, favorite hobby is golf, favorite movie is a toss up between The Patriot and Gladiator, and favorite book is Tony Dungy’s Quiet Strength.

 Our next teacher is Lindsey Lotspeich. She teaches 8th grade Language Arts. Her last job was teaching 8th grade Social Studies in Raleigh, North Carolina, where she previously lived. Lindsey attended Meredith College in Raleigh where she got her teaching degree. In high school, Lindsey played tennis, basketball, soccer, and softball. Her favorite sport is basketball and her hobbies include running and playing cards. Lindsey has been married 2 years to Matt Lotspeich. They have no children, but one dog, a half Jack Russell, half Feist named Camp. When she was in middle school, her favorite subject was Social Studies. She loves teaching here at Maddox and has enjoyed getting to know the students. Lindsey loves the book All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque, and the movie Tommy Boy.

We also want to introduce you to Stacie Oswald. She teaches 6th grade math. This is her first job since she went to college at the Universityof Memphis. She loves Maddox so far and enjoyed being in middle school herself. When she was growing up her favorite subject was history.  Mrs. Oswald is married to Rickey Oswald and has one little girl named Anna Kay. She also has two boxers. Her favorite sport is football and favorite hobby is traveling. She loves the movie Sweet Home Alabama and her favorite books are the Sara Evans series.

Mr. Allan Henderson is our new special education teacher. He has a little girl, 4 dogs and 4 cats. Mr. Henderson lives on the lake. He previously taught at Corner High School. When he was in middle school, he loved it!  His favorite subject was math. In high school, he played all sports and played baseball at the University of West Alabama where he got his teaching degree. His first choice for a job was teaching because he loves working with students. His favorite movie is Hoosier’s and his favorite hobby is watching Auburn football.

      There is also a new librarian. Her name is Gina Scruggs.  Mrs. Scruggs is married to Carey Scruggs and has two children.  She has a son named C.H. who attends Samford University, and a daughter named Pollyann who is a senior at Walker High School. Mrs. Scruggs was previously the librarian at WHS.

She may be new in the Maddox library but not new to Maddox itself.  Gina taught at MMS several years ago. She has created a Maddox Media Class which will be working with creating videos and publishing an online Maddox newspaper, The Panther Press.

 We are very excited about our new teachers at Maddox!


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