Maddox Middle School Student Newspaper

Maddox Sixth Graders Learn About September 11, 2001

 On September 11, 2001, a tragic event occured in our country.  We were attacked by suicide bombers plotting against the United States.  Four planes were taken over by Al-Qaeda operatives in midflight.  Two of the 4 planes crashed into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centers, one rammed into the Pentagon, and the fourth was headed to the White House, but was takenover by couageous passengers.  Nearly 3,000 innocent people lost their lives on September 11th.

Although this event is burned in the memories of all of our faculty members, the students of Maddox Middle School were mere toddlers when this tragedy occured.

Mr. Patrick Rider

Mr. Patrick Rider, a sixth grade social studies teacher, has spent the past week teaching about the events of 9-11. His classes have looked at the events that happened on that day, and how those events triggered a long war. At the end of the study, his students wrote personal responses about their fellings on this important event.

 Here is what they have to say:

” I can feel the pain of others. It makes me depressed and sad, but the good thing that comes out this is that we have a better security system.” – Mollie Standifer

“Sept. 11 was the worst the worst day in United States history.  It was tragic for people who were in the building and on the plane.  I thought that what happened was unbelieveable.  So many people died in the attack, it was so unreal it made me just want to start to cry.” – Riley Williams

“I was one year old when I knew something was wrong.  I remember being at my grandmother’s house,and she was watching the news. I knew something was wrong because her face got like cinnamon candy red. My mom came in, saw it, and she got scared. Looking back at 9/11 I think that it was truly tragic, but yet it helped our country get stronger and prepare for things like this.” –Haley Brown

“I feel that 9/11 is a very sad time in our nation’s history and it should always be remembered by our nation’s people.” –McClain Moser

“My feelings about 9/11 cannot be explained. I feel that it was a horrible event. When I was a baby when it happened. My mother turned the news on, and when I saw it I started to cry.” –Sarah Smith

“I was only 2 years old, but I know that this was a very sad day so I will always remember this day.”   – Trey Andrews

This article was written by Sarah Williams, Kennedy Vanzant, Parker Smith, Jackson Holladay and Abby Housley


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