Maddox Middle School Student Newspaper

Students Qualify to Take the ACT Test as Seventh Graders

By:  Alex Kimbrell and Callie Cross

The Duke University Talent Identification Program is a program that provides a unique opportunity for our academically talented 7th grade students.  Through this program, students who score high on the SAT test are allowed to take the ACT as a test  7th grade student. This year 61 students qualified to take the ACT test while still in 7th grade. These are some of the smartest and brightest students in our school.

The students who will participate in the ACT include: Eli Abbot, Madison Barker, Morgan Berry, Zac Bozeman, Cain Brakefield, Dalton Bright, Mallory Brown, Autumn Burgett, Alan Clark, McKenzie Clark, Catherine Cook, Jeffery Cook, Seth Cortis, Savannah Cupps, Sydney Davis, Cassidy Dill, Matthew Dill, Sommor Dorrough, Luke Ferrell, Jessie Ferris, Nicholas Files, Morgan Fowler, Everett Green, Abby Griffin, Hannah Hortsoe, Blake Hendrix, Dorothy Higgs, Jackson Holladay, Jordan Homan, Austin Hood, Abby Hously, Andria Lane, Alison Luke, Joseph Manasco, Graham Martin, Jamarcucs Meadows, Darian O’Rear, Zac Odom, Lucus Peacock, Chase Pittman, Gracelyn Raines, Thomas Christian Rigsby, Summer Roberson, Daniel Trey Robinson, Parker Smith, Allison Sortino, Rebekah Sparkman, Holley Spivey, Michek Stricklin, Connor Sullivan, Trisha Swann, Joseph Taylor, Andrew Upton, Kailee Vines, Austin Wade, Taylor Whitley, Pete Wiley, Sarah Williams, Garrison Woods, Mary Anne Wolf, Bryli York.

We asked a few students that took the ACT last year about their opinion of the test.

 Eli Matthews said, “The ACT is a very hard test, but it lets you see what you need to learn by your senior year. This test will be much easier in the high school.”

Chase Williams, an 8th grade student who took the test last year said, “The ACT is a great opportunity for students to see what all they have to learn before they get to college, and how much they know already. It will also let you understand the test the next time you take it, making it less stressful and allowing you to do your very best.”

Callie Cross added, “Not many kids want to spend a Saturday taking a 4 hour test, but in the end it was worth it. I did not know most the material, but I actually did better than I thought I would.”

We are proud of the large number of students who qualified to take the test and we wish them the best on the test!


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