Maddox Middle School Student Newspaper

Science Students Learn Best Through Hands On Experiments

Mr. Rigsby examines the group work.

Some science concepts can be difficult to learn. Seventh grade science teachers, Mr. Rigsby and Mrs. Tice, plan hands on activities to help make science come to life for students. This week, Mr. Rigsby’s class made DNA models from lego-type pieces and Mrs. Tice’s class extracted the DNA from strawberries!

Mr. Rigsby’s  science classes have been experimenting with DNA strands and DNA models. The DNA models were made out of  interchangable pieces similar to Legos.  One student named Allison said, ” It was easy when it was flat on the table, but adding the twist to the model was very hard.”

Mrs. Tice’s class used strawberries in an experiment which extracted the DNA from the fruit. Students used a combination of alcohol and water to seperate the DNA strands.

In both experiments students were able to visualize the molecular components of the cell.

By:  Baylee Trotter, Hannah Addison and Hailey Burnett


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