Maddox Middle School Student Newspaper

Mrs. DeAngelo is our Feature Teacher this Week!

 Mrs. Deangelo has been selected as our feature teacher this week. She is currently teaching 6th grade social studies. She has been teaching for 37 years! I hope you enjoy reading about Mrs. Deangelo.

Tell us about your family.

My family consists of my husband Mike, and two daughters, Paige and Casey. The girls have jobs and they are living in New York City. Oh yes, we all graduated form Mississippi State University. GO DAWGS!!

What is something interesting about you that you would like to share with us?

My high school sweetheart was named James Bond.

What is your favorite subject to teach?

I have taught all the academic subjects, but social studies is my favorite.

Do you enjoy teaching?

Yes, especially when I get to see and talk to past students. I also am happy when I know that some past students are also teaching now.

What is your favorite grade to teach?

I started teaching second grade when I was young! I moved up to seventh grade for a few years, but I love teaching sixth grade.

Do you like to do activities when you teach? Why?

Yes, I try to use different activities when I teach. I don’t want to just talk. In my classes we do many art projects and a few history presentations to keep from getting bored.

How much longer do you plan on teaching?

Now that I am teaching social studies, I really am not in a hurry to retire. I keep telling my husband about 2-3 years, we will see!

 Everyone agrees Mrs. Deangelo makes Maddox Middle School a great place to learn!

 By: Mallory Brown and Abby Kate Griffin


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