Maddox Middle School Student Newspaper

Have You Bought Your Yearbook Yet?

            Just like every year at Maddox Middle School yearbooks are on sale. Yearbooks are very important. Don’t you want to go back and see memories from when you attended Maddox Middle School?  Don’t you want to go back and say so and so was your friend, and remember money drop moments? So, buy a yearbook this year!!!!!!!

If you would like a yearbook, be sure to pre-order it. Your homeroom teachers will give you an order form with all the information. It is VERY important to be sure to pre-order it if you would like to receive a yearbook. You cannot buy a yearbook at a book store or Walmart. You can only get it at school.

Yearbooks cost 30.00 dollars without a personal name stamp. If you would like a personal name stamp added to the cover it costs 36.00 dollars total for the book and name. The personal yearbook ads are important also. These are included at the back of the book.  Personal messages cost 10.00 dollars, a fourth page message with 1 picture only is 75.00 dollars. A half a page is 125.00 dollars and a full page message is 250.00 dollar. All orders are due December 1st, 2011, so don’t miss out!

By: Kenlee Woodman


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