Maddox Middle School Student Newspaper

National Honor Society Holds Food Drive

The members of the National Jr. Honor Society recently hosted a food drive for needy families in our community.  The club encouraged students to bring can food items and other non-perishable foods for the collection.  Students placed their items in either Alabama or Auburn boxes. 

At the end of each school day Mrs. Hamman, club sponsor, added up the number of donations in each team’s collection.  The team with the most donations was honored by playing their fight song on the intercom at the closing announcments.  This competition made the food drive a fun contest between student fans. 

Mr. Don Jones, the band director, is an alumni of U.A.B.  He rallied his band members to donate to a special U.A.B. donation box and they won the competition one day! 

At the end of the drive, the students had collected seven heaping boxes of food for families in our community.  This is an annual service project of the National Jr. Honor Society which has benefitted many families throughout the years.


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