Maddox Middle School Student Newspaper

Students Get All Squared Up!

Students in Mr. Rider’s classes are learning that it is cool to be square!
Classes earn “squares” based on achievement and behavior.  If a class has an exceptional day (everyone has homework, materials, and no discipline problems) they can earn a square.  Most squares are earned academically.  For example, the class that has the highest Bullseye Activity average every Monday or highest test average earns a square. 
When a class receives 10 squares they earn a reward.  The rewards are usually ‘square’.  Brownies have been given to two classes:  3rd and 4th period.  For added effect, during the reward time Mr. Rider plays Huey Lewis and the News 80’s hit song,  “It’s Hip To Be Square.” 
The students have really enjoyed it.  Mr. Rider has proclaimed himself the Mayor of Squareville!  He has even given a class a square when I caught  a student doing a good deed for another student in that class. 
The teachers of Maddox Middle School agree that we have some of the best students in the world!  The faculty is always looking to recognize our students who are leaders in the classroom. 

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