Maddox Middle School Student Newspaper

Maddox Middle School is Begining to Look Like Wonderland!

While walking through the halls of Maddox Middle School, you may hear singing coming from the theater.  Mrs.Matthews and Mrs. Able have been working hard with the members of the 8th grade drama class on the Spring play production.  The name of the play is Alice in Wonderland and this play is about Alice and her journey to the magical world of Wonderland. Some of the main characters in the play are Alice, Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts, and White Rabbit.  Some of the songs that the characters will sing are “I’m Late”, and “Zippity Do Dah”.

The star of the play, known as Alice, will be played by Mary Kate Harrell!  In this play, there are about 30 kids performing and the play will be directed by Mrs. Tamara Matthews and Mrs. Beth Able.  Mrs. Matthews was asked why she picked this particular production and she said, “I thought it would be entertaining and it fit the kids we had to audition.”  She goes on to say that Alice in Wonderland has many male parts, and we had more boys audition this year.

The performers rehearse every day during PE/Enrichment. These kids are very devoted this play and they work hard every day learning their lines and the dance moves. This play will be held on Wednesday, March 14th.  Mark your calendars and get excited about Alice in Wonderland!

By: Alexis Hudson and Seon Brown


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