Maddox Middle School Student Newspaper

Mrs. McLain’s Classes Use Technology to Explore Animal Characteristics

Last week, January 18th-19th, Mrs. McClain 6th grade science classes researched animal adaptations in the ocean. They researched three different zones in the ocean and how different animals adapt to that zone. Once they got done with all the research, they made a game with the information they collected.

Here are some comments from the students:

“This project is cool and we get to be on computers in the library” says Jack Bowen, “my favorite animal I’m researching is the mimic octopus.”

“I think it’s more fun than looking them up in books” states Ellen Richardson.

“To me it’s kind of interesting and cool to learn about all the species in the ocean,” says Graceyn Holcomb.

Nate Parnell exclaimed, “This project is fun!”

“Some of the animals in the ocean we are learning about are kind of scary!” remarks Rodney Averett.

The students are having a great time with their project!

By:   Tessa Pulliam and Bonnie Sanders


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