Maddox Middle School Student Newspaper

Sixth Grade Students Report on the Progress Toward Our Reading Goals

The students at Maddox Middle School have been given a challenge to reach 12 points in the Accellerated Reader program by the time progress reports go out. There are a lot of sixth, seventh, eighth graders that have achieved well over their goal. The sixth graders, as you can see have the most points so far this nine weeks, but the points will posted daily, so the lead could change. For the ones that have not reached their goal yet, they are reading and taking tests almost daily.

 At M.M.S. we have a sixth grade teacher who is pushing her students to reach their goal. We are talking about Ms.Wash. She sets weekly goals for her students to reach. Every dayMs.Wash checks her student’s points to see if they are on track. Ms.Wash says with great enthusiasm, “I am so proud of our students! They are reading! Daily, I am met by students in the hall, or before class telling me about their latest read. It’s so rewarding when I see students eyes light up, appearing breathless, because they can’t get to you quick enough to share a good book. Some of my favorites of late are books my students have lent me. I love it and I am so thankful for the new program, and the dedication the students have shown. It has become a competition between students, classes, and even teachers. Of course I am pulling for sixth graders… umm, yes, that’s a challenge!”

 That’s why we love Ms.Wash. So, students in all grades, keep up the good work on reaching your goals!

 By: Will Dobbs and Sam Dill


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