Maddox Middle School Student Newspaper

Sixth Grade Students Learn About the History in Our Backyard!

Sixth grade students in Mr. Rider’s social studies class recently learned about an important piece of history that was literally constructed on the campus of Maddox Middle School.  In conjunction with a study of World War II, the students walked outside to carefully examine the Town Creek Bridge that was constructed as a project of the Civilian Corps who were employed after the war to provide jobs and stimulate the economy.

The students examined the engraved cornerstone that gives the construction date and civilian corps group.

Town Creek Park is located between Town Creek and 1st Avenue adjoining the Maddox Middle School Campus, featuring a rock walking bridge built in the 1930’s as a WPA project. This park has been used in several ways over the years, including a picnic area, flower garden and even a small student golf course. The WPA stands for Works Projects Administration, which was the largest and most ambition of the New Deal agencies.


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