Maddox Middle School Student Newspaper

Mr. Rigsby is our Feature Teacher

This week we have chosen Mr. Rigsby as our feature teacher. Mr. Rigsby teaches 7th grade science and is known for fun experiments in his classroom.  He is married and has two twin girls who are 3 years old. 

 We asked him some questions about being a teacher.

 Here are his answers.

 Q. Have you always wanted to become a teacher?

A. I decided my senior year in high school that I wanted to become a teacher. Before that, I had planned to attendAuburnUniversityto obtain a degree in Forestry.

 Q. Why did you want to become a teacher?

A. My high school Agri-science teacher, Mr. Gary Moss had a great influence on me. He is the one who swayed my decision to go into my education.

 Q. How long have you been a teacher?

A. This is my 7th year teaching total. My first three years were atOakmanHigh School with my last four at Maddox.

 Q. What is your favorite subject?

A. Language Arts.  Ha, ha…. Just kidding, actually Chemistry is my favorite subject.

 Q. What is your favorite book?

A. I don’t really have a favorite. The most recent book I have read is “Crazy Love” by Francis Chan.

 Q. What is your favorite animal?

A. My favorite animal would have be a Spotted Bass. I love to fish and spend a lot of time onSmithLakefishing for Spotted Bass.

 Q. What is the most interesting thing that you have ever taught?

A. My first year teaching, I had the opportunity to teach Anatomy. This was probably the most interesting because of the labs and dissections that we were able to do. The UAB medical school actually brought out cadaver parts for my students to work with.

 Q. What was the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you in school?

A.  I can remember misbehaving one time and my teacher paddled me in front of the whole class.  That was very embarrassing!

 Students in 7th grade really love Mr. Rigsby’s class!  (They don’t love his tests!)


By:  Madison Lawson and Kennedy Vanzant


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