Maddox Middle School Student Newspaper

Maddox 8th Graders Have a Blast in Washington D.C.

The annual 8th grade trip to Washington D.C. was held last week.  Thirty four students went on the trip and the students reported that they had a wonderful time!

8th grade student Taylor Hood was one of the participants.  Read what she has to say about the trip below.

“Washington D.C was a very informational and unique trip that I was able to experience in, it gave me new ideas to open up to about my future and what’s involved along in that. The first day, in which we visited two main things: Mount Vernon and the Holocaust museum, were equally a blast and weren’t even some of the best vists we were in. Throughout the trip, each day had many places we went to, not one day left us bored or with nothing to do, it was a slammed pack schedule with little stopping aside from the bus rides and to eat. My personal favorite place we visited was the Capitol. Inside the Capitol it was beautifully designed and peaked my greatest interests, such as paintings and statues. After all the buisness and professional days, one night we went aboard a boat that had wonderful music, people, and fun contests, it also showed how good of a dancer Coach Tinker was (in which he won a contest). Overall, the trip, people, and experiences were wonderful and I was very pleased to be able to participate.”


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