Maddox Middle School Student Newspaper

Good Luck to the Math Team!

We wish our math team the best of luck in their upcoming tournament at Berry Middle School on April 14th!

Here is a list of team members competing:

Maddox Middle School Math Team ~ Competition @ Berry Middle  ~ April 14th, 2012

 6th: Malana Rigsby, Kaylor Hodges, Joseph Bolen, Anna William, Sam Dill


7thRebekah Sparkman, Austin Hood, Cassidy Dill, Holley Beth Spivy, McKenzie Clark

Jackson Holladay, Blake Hendrix,  

8thKatherine Glass, Ariana Hubbard, McKlendon Jones, Riley Hopper , McKenley Bates, Jeffery Jent

Lauren Stewart, Jacob Adams, Eli Matthews, Mason Berry, Noah Runyan, Abbi Hallman

Kourtni Douglas, Hannah Wadsworth


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