Maddox Middle School Student Newspaper

National Junior Honor Society Taps New Members!

On Friday morning, the members of the National Junior Honor Society went from classroom to classroom ‘tapping’ the new members who now qualify for induction!

Students selected were given a blue ribbon to wear throughout the day to show the world that they have met the criteria for NJSH membership!

The induction ceremony will be held on Thursday, April  26th at 1:30 pm in the school theater.

Here is a listing of the new members:  Eli Abbott, Zac Bozeman, Cain Brakefield, Chris Capps, A.J. Cook, Tori Cook, Summer Dorrough, Luke Ferrell, Jessie Ferris, Nick Files, Morgan Fowler, Everett Greene, Abby Kate Griffin, Blake Hendrix, Dottie Higgs, Jackson Holladay, Abby Housley, Joseph Manasco, Graham Martin, Christopher McKellar, Darian O’Rear, Luke Peacock, Gracie Raines, Peyton Roberson, Larriann Sanders,  Katherine Sherer, Parker Smith, Allison Sortino, Rebekah Sparkman, Holley Beth Spivey, Connor Sullivan, Carleigh Taylor, Alysa Vines, Mary Frances Ward, Taylor Whitley, Pete Wiley, and Sarah Williams.


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